Daytime activities

Bubble  Football

Whilst the purpose of your trip may well be to play football, did you think about trying your hand at bubble football as well? It’s the latest craze in Europe and an activity which is becoming increasingly popular with our groups. The rules are simple; kick a football into the goal; however the difference between this and the beautiful game is that the players’ entire upper-bodies are covered by a giant zorb. This means that you can smash into each other as hard as you like and nobody gets hurt. Bubble Football can take place both indoors and outdoors, with English speaking instructors also co-ordinating a number of games with you such as sumo or bowling which helps add variety to what is already an awesome activity. Included in the price is 90 minutes game time, return transfers, English speaking guides, English speaking instructors and also a videos and photos from the event. This activity is available in Gdansk, Krakow, Warsaw and Wroclaw.
Bubble Football 1

A Game of
Football with a Difference

Bubble Football 2

Play a Variety
Of Different Scenarios

Bubble Football 3

Play Bubble
Football Inside or Outside


Kalashnikov  Shooting

If you want to have a go at some proper shooting then we can arrange for you to try your hand at firing some authentic weapons such as the famous AK47, as well as shotguns and Uzis amongst others. Our shooting packages for sports tours includes round-trip transfers to the shooting range, English speaking guide assistance, English speaking instructors, and also take home target sheets so you can set up a bit of a competition amongst your teammates. This activity is already hugely popular amongst the large number of stag parties which come to Poland, and it really is a great experience and something which every member of your tour is sure to remember for a long time. The weapons on offer are the AK47, ‘Polish’ Uzi, Glock and Pump Action Shotgun. There are two different packages available if you’d like to try this activity:

AK47 Shooting Standard: 20x AK47, 20x ‘Polish Uzi,’ 10x Glock, 5x Pump Handle Shotgun.

AK47 Shooting Credit Crunch: 5x AK47, 15x ‘Polish Uzi’, 3x Glock, 2x Pump Action Shotgun.

This activity is available in Gdansk, Krakow, Warsaw, and Wroclaw.

AK47 Shooting 1

Get your Hands on
Powerful Authentic Weapons

AK47 Shooting 2

An Unforgettable
Experience for your Team

AK47 Shooting 3

Four Different
Weapons Available



Engage in a huge battle amongst your teammates as you take each other on in Paintball. A great way to spend the morning or afternoon; firing pellets of paint at your teammates and coaching staff. An activity which has been a classic team building exercise for years; you’ll be provided with all the necessary safety equipment and the all-important guns and paintballs to unleash on your teammates. Paintball can take place at a number of destinations in Poland, both indoors and out, so there’s plenty of choice available. This activity is available in Gdansk, Krakow, Warsaw and Wroclaw.
Paintball 3

Indoor and Outdoor
Paintball Venues Available

Paintball 2

A Great Way to Get
Competitive with your Teammates

Paintball 1

Play Paintball
in the Polish Forest


White Water  Rafting

For an activity which will really get the adrenaline flowing during your sports tour why not hurtle down some rapids in a rubber raft with our white water rafting activity? If you want to go rafting during your sports tour then there are options in all of our destinations, most notably in Krakow where there is a purpose built Olympic rafting venue which is often used to host championships. Or perhaps if you fancy doing something a bit more scenic then near Zakopane we can arrange for you to go rafting down the Dunajec River. Whilst the course may not be very challenging, the scenery is beautiful as you meander along the river with a backdrop of the Tatra Mountains. Wherever you choose to do rafting the activity will include return transfers, English speaking guide assistance, English speaking instructors, and use of all the necessary equipment. This activity is available in Gdansk, Krakow, Warsaw, Wroclaw and Zakopane.
White Water Rafting 1

Go Rafting on a
Purpose Built Olympic Course

White Water Rafting 2

Enjoy Two Hours
Exclusive Course Rental

White Water Rafting 3

English Speaking
Instructors Supplied

Dunajec River Pieniny

Raft on the
Beautiful Dunajec River

White Water Rafting Slider 1

A Relaxing Way
To Spend an Afternoon


4x4  Off Roading

Get behind the wheel of some big 4 x 4s and try your hand at off-roading. This is another activity that will really get the adrenaline flowing as you drive these huge beasts through the Polish countryside. One of our most popular activities; with off-roading you’ll get 15 minutes’ driving per person, and you can also ride in the passenger seat whilst your mate takes the wheel. At all our venues we have top quality experienced instructors who will be with you whilst you negotiate a purpose built off-road track which is sure to provide a challenge even to the most experienced of drivers. A challenging and fun experience which is sure to involve some great banter as well. This activity is available in Gdansk, Krakow, Warsaw and Wroclaw.

Off-Roading 3

In the Krakow Countryside

Off-Roading 2

Get Behind the Wheel
Of these Powerful Off-Road Vehicles

Off-Roading 1

Take on a
Challenging Course


Quad Biking

Quad biking is always a great social activity, and one that also is great on a sports tour. What better way to spend a morning or afternoon than hurtling over a purpose built quad biking track on powerful quad bikes. A great way to relax and have fun with the rest of the team, you’ll get English speaking instructors giving you a short demonstration before your unleashed on your own with these powerful machines. We chose only the best quad biking tracks in Poland meaning it’ll be a fun and challenging experience as you hurtle through the Polish countryside. Included in the price is round trip transfers and English speaking guide assistance. This activity is available in Gdansk, Krakow, Warsaw and Wroclaw.

Quad Biking 3

Quad Biking
In the Polish Countryside

Quad Biking 2

Take on a Challenging
Off-road Quad Biking Track

Quad Biking 1

Ride the Powerful
250 and 400cc Quad Bikes


Go Karting

Challenge the rest of your team to a race at a local go-kart track. An activity which always proves popular amongst teams due to the competitiveness it involves, go-karting is a great way to help bond the team and build up some team spirit as you compete directly with each other. If you choose to go go-karting during your sports tour then you’ll get exclusive rental of a local go-karting track with 3 x 8 minute races per person. And if you really want to add to the competitive element then you can upgrade to GP go-karting where you’ll get 3 x 10 minute races per person with a final lap for all the best drivers. The winner will also get a bottle of bubbly to drink/spray over the competition. This activity is available in Gdansk, Krakow, Warsaw and Wroclaw.
Go-karting 3

Race Against your Teammates

Go-karting 2

A Classic
Sports Tour Activity

Go-karting 1

Upgrade to GP Version
And Get Prizes for the Winner


Vistula River Cruise

Taking a river cruise is always a relaxing way to spend some time, and in Poland this is no different. Hop on board a boat and check out the sites along the banks of Vistula river as your embark on a river cruise. The Vistula River is the longest river in Poland and flows through many major cities including Krakow, Warsaw and Gdansk, meaning that a Vistula cruise can be arranged in any of those cities. This cruise is particularly interesting in Krakow due to the number of sites you can see from the first stretch of the cruise, through to the beautiful countryside which appears a bit further downstream. This activity is available in Gdansk, Krakow, and Warsaw.
Wistula River Cruise Slider 1

Take a Cruise on the
Beautiful Wistula River

Wistula River Cruise Slider 2

A Relaxing Way
To Spend Some Time

Wistula River Cruise Slider 3

View the Sights
On Poland's Longest River


Water Park Entry

The water park in Krakow is the biggest of its kind in Poland and a great way to spend the afternoon. You’ll get to splash around like kids in the various pools, as well as riding a number of flumes in this fantastic venue. Krakow water park is not only the biggest of its kind in Poland, but at 2000 sq meters is one of the biggest in Europe. As well as the pool and flumes there are also saunas and and Jacuzzis if you fancy doing something a bit quieter. If you want to head here for a morning or afternoon then we can arrange for entry tickets which entitle you to use all of the facilities for up to four hours. This activity is available in Krakow

Waterpark 1

Enjoy Yourselves
At a Huge Waterpark

Waterpark 3

Make Use
Of all the Facilities

Waterpark 2

Splash Around
Like a Big Kid in the Pool


Spa Entry

If you want to pamper yourself when you’re away then we can arrange for you to spend some time at a local spa. It’s surely one of the most relaxing ways possible to spend an afternoon. As well as getting full use of all the facilities in the spa, you’ll also get a massage per person included which is perfect for those aching muscles after a tough fixture against local opposition. Facilities in the spa include a jacuzzi, swimming pool and two saunas, as well as each person getting a fresh glass of fruit juice included. This activity is available in Krakow.
Spa 1

Pamper Yourselves
By Spending Time at a Spa

Spa 2

Get your Sweat
On by Using the Sauna

Spa 3

Make Use
Of all the Facilities


PartyBus Entry

Start your sports tour in the most stylish way possible with a Partybus airport transfer. There really is not better way to kick off your sports tour that being picked up in our own purpose built Partybus. Known locally as the nightclub on six wheels, the Partybus is a full-size coach complete with leather seating, lighting, two minibars, dancing pole, and a state of the art sound system. The bus can cater for up to 33 people and included in the price is an English speaking guide who will meet you in arrivals, as well as your first round of drinks. The two minibars on board will be stocked with beer and vodka prior to your arrival, with the prices being about 1 GBP for a beer and 8 GBP for a bottle of vodka. What better way to get the weekend underway? This activity is available in Krakow.
Partybus Airport 1

Partybus Airport Transfer
The Perfect Way to Start a Tour

Partybus Airport 2

Greeted Airport
Arrival Included

Partybus Airport 3

Known Locally
As the Nightclub on 6 Wheels


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