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Brewery Feast

Despite being a country known for its vodka production, Poland also has a very good beer scene as well, with its beers known to be some of the best in Europe. Why not try a few accompanied by a huge meal as well? Located in the centre of Krakow, the microbrewery where this takes place produces its own beers onsite which means it’s as fresh as possible. And in terms of food, you’d better make sure you’re hungry before visiting this place as you’ll be served Żurek to start which is a traditional Polish soup, followed by a huge ‘Golonka’ (pork knuckle) which is cooked with a crusty skin and marinated in beer. This is accompanied by crusty bread and Polish pickles. To wash it down you are given five litres of beer per five people which is brought to the table in tubes which you pour yourself. This activity is available in Krakow.
Brewery Feast 1

Enjoy a Feast
At a Local Microbrewery

Brewery Feast 2

Wash it Down
With Freshly Brewed Beer


Polish Feast

One thing’s for certain whilst on your sports tour in Poland you certainly won’t go hungry! And it’s certainly a must to try some traditional Polish cuisine, which is why we’ve arranged for you to tuck into some traditional Polish fayre in a top local restaurant. When you’re abroad it might be tempting to ‘stick to what you know’ and go for burgers, steaks or even McDonald’s, however if you opt for something traditional then you certainly won’t be disappointed as you enjoy the best of Polish food with a soup to start followed by a choice of three main courses. There is also dessert (ice cream with fruit) and two beers per person included as well. This activity is available in Gdansk, Krakow, Warsaw, Wroclaw and Zakopane.
Polish Feast 3

Enjoy Some
Traditional Polish Cuisine

Polish Feast 2

A Choice of
Three Different Main Courses

Polish Feast 1

Huge Portions
So Make Sure You're Hungry!


Steak Feast

Wherever you are in the world it seems everybody is partial to a steak, and in Poland this is no different. We’ve scoured all of our host cities to seek out the best possible steak restaurants for you to create the steak feast.
Whether you’re looking to line your stomach before a big night out on a social tour, or perhaps you’re looking to replenish your energy after a tough fixture or training day, then the steak feast is the perfect choice. We’ve selected only the best steak restaurants in all our locations where you’ll sit down to enjoy a huge four course meal consisting of bread and pickles, traditional Polish soup, steak chips and salad, dessert plus two beers and two vodkas (alcoholic drinks can be swapped for soft drinks). This activity is available in Gdansk, Krakow, Warsaw, Wroclaw and Zakopane.

Steak Feast Slider 1

Enjoy an
Awesome Steak Dinner

Steak Feast Slider 2

Your Own Reservation
In a Classy Downtown Restaurant


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