We can offer a wide variety of sports in a number of destinations in Poland. From volleyball in Gdansk to cricket in Krakow, we cater for teams of all ages and abilities with every aspect of the fixture taken care of such as accommodation, ground transfers, pitch hire, officials, and refreshments. What’s more is we co-operate with the relevant sporting bodies to ensure you have all the paperwork required to take part in a fixture.
With each of our fixtures you'll get return transfers to the venue, English speaking guide assistance, use of changing rooms, referee, opposition to match your skill level, medics (*for rugby and American football), refreshments during the game, and permission from the relevant unions (*where required)


Fixtures In Poland


Play Basketball
Against Polish Opposition


Men's and Women's
Hockey Fixtures in Poland

Woodham Radars Res. vs. Margaretting S&S Club Res.

All Levels
Of Football Catered For


Polish Handball Teams


The following fixtures can be organised in these locations:

  • Gdansk - American football, basketball, football, handball, hockey, rugby, and volleyball
  • Krakow - American football, basketball, cricket, football, handball, hockey, rugby, and volleyball
  • Warsaw - American football, basketball, cricket, football, handball, hockey, rugby, and volleyball
  • Wroclaw - American football, basketball, football, hockey, rugby, and volleyball

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