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James Bond Party Night

The ultimate VIP night out in Krakow and one which will surely live long in the memory of the everyone that attends. The James Bond Party Night takes care of every aspect of an awesome night out as you’re ferried around to the different venues on board the one of a kind Partybus.
The Partybus will be your ride for the entire evening as you enjoy all the facilities on board with the added bonus of an open bar. first up on your tour will be a casino where you’ll get to try your hand at all the old casino favourites with your very own person croupier. If you don’t want to spend your own money we’ll even supply you with special learning chips. After the casino it’s back on board the Partybus before ending the night in a top local nightclub with VIP entry. This activity is available in Krakow.

James Bond 3

The Ultimate
VIP Party Night in Krakow

James Bond 2

Open Bar
All Night on the Partybus


Guided Pub Crawl

Whilst on your sports tour in Poland it’s well worth letting your hair down and sampling some of the local nightlife. The nightlife in all of our cities is pretty varied, so it’s well worth taking one of our local guides with you to experience the best of it. We know that socialising is perhaps one of the most important aspects of any sports tour, so to give you a helping hand with this part we can arrange for you to have your own pub crawl of any of our destinations in the company of knowledgeable local guides. Your guide (2 guides for groups over 12 people) will meet you at your accommodation and take you on a four hour guided tour of the best nightspots in your chosen city. Included in the price is your first round of drinks, as well as club entry at the end. This is particularly important as no matter how friendly our destinations are, some clubs still get nervous about letting in large same-sex groups, but you won’t have any trouble if you’re with us! This activity is available in Gdansk, Krakow, Warsaw, Wroclaw and Zakopane.
Pub Crawl 1

Check Out
The Famous Polish Nightlife

Pub Crawl 2

Your Own
Guide for Four Hours


VIP Nightclub

For a night out with a bit more class why not organise VIP entry to a top nightclub for your team, just like the professionals do? You can choose from a number of different clubs, and you’ll be in the company of one of our knowledgeable local guides meaning everything will run like clockwork. Being in a large group you may sometimes encounter problems getting into a club, however if you take our VIP nightclub entry then there’ll be no problems as you’ll be with one of our local guides. Included in the offer is pre-paid entry with queue jumper tickets, reserved tables or lodges for the group as well as a first round of welcoming drinks. With a number of clubs to choose from in each city you’re sure to find a place where you can host a memorable night out for the team. This activity is available in Gdansk, Krakow, Warsaw, Wroclaw and Zakopane.
Nightclub Slider 1

Your Name's Down
And You're Coming in!

VIP Club Entry 2

A Large Number
Of Different Clubs to Choose

Nightclub Slider 2

Enjoy a
VIP Night in a Club


Beer Tasting

When visiting Poland we’re sure many members of your group will be interested in sampling some of the local brew, which is why we can arrange some Polish beer tasting. Leave the Foster’s and Stella at home and sink some genuine Polish draft beer. Poland is known for being a vodka country; however they are also making big strides on the beer scene as well. More and more local breweries are popping up each year and producing a number of delicious cask beers, as well as the more well-known pilsners. This activity varies slightly depending on the destination you’re in, however wherever you are you’ll get 5 x 125ml beers plus some traditional drinking snacks to soak it all up.
This activity is available in Gdansk, Krakow, Warsaw, Wroclaw and Zakopane.
Beer Tasting 1

Reservation in a
Local Microbrewery

Beer Tasting 2

Sample the
Best Polish Beers

Beer Tasting 3

A Selection
Of Drinking Snacks Supplied


Vodka Tasting

If you’re a beer drinker back home then we’re pretty sure you would have tasted Tyskie at one time or another, with the Polish lager available in every supermarket and a growing number of bars in the UK. Here at Sports Tours Poland we can give you the opportunity to see where it’s brewed with a Tyskie Brewery Tour. You’ll travel to the nearby town to Tychy where the brewery is located before embarking on a tour which will teach you about the history of the brand as well as show you the brewing process. And of course being a brewery there will of course be the chance to try some of the famous lager at the end of tour. A great day out for any beer lover.
Vodka Tasting 1

Sample the
Best Polish Vodka

Vodka Tasting 2

Five Shots
Per Person

Vodka Tasting 3

A Selection
Of Drinking Snacks Supplied


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