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Sightseeing with Sports Tours Poland

Krakow Tours
It is worth knowing that Krakow could offer you much more than fantastic sport events and sport arenas. Staying in this exceptional city is an opportunity to visit at least some of its world class monuments and learn something about their fascinating history with some sightseeing in Krakow. Walking along the streets of this city also gives you a chance to experience the unique, magical atmosphere that it holds. A Krakow tour with a proper guide is one of the best ways to discover the city in all its glory.

‘A proper guide’ – what does it mean?
We cooperate with licensed professionals from ‘Guide-Krakow’. Their team consists of young enthusiasts with a great sense of humour and the gift of storytelling. We truly believe that good guides should not only know the history and sights of Krakow, but also can share their knowledge with true passion. With guys from ‘Guide-Krakow’ you are not threatened by boredom. They know thousands of anecdotes and can find a common language with each generation.

Sightseeing in Krakow tours – most popular routes
From the 11th century Krakow was the capital of Poland and the seat of a bishopric (the first function ceased in fact at the very end of the 16th century). Power requires splendour. Eminent artists worked here on behalf of kings, bishops, nobles and wealthy burghers of Krakow. As a result, the city is full of astonishing monuments (the entire old Krakow centre has been listed by UNESCO).
If you want to explore as much as possible, but do not have much time, you can choose the Krakow in a nutshell guided tour. Your guide will show you all of the most important objects in the Old Town and neighbouring Kazimierz district in one day! Sample itinerary (its final version always depends on your interests and needs) includes the remains of the medieval city walls, Main Market Square with Gothic St. Mary’s Basilica and Renaissance Cloth Hall, Wawel Hill with astonishing Cathedral and Royal Castle, as well as Kazimierz district with one of the greatest and most beautiful Jewish quarters in Europe. Of course, you do not have to visit all the greatest wonders of Krakow in such a short time. We also offer separate Krakow tours: ‘Royal Route’ (the Old Town and Wawel Hill sightseeing), ‘University district’, and ‘Kazimierz Jewish district’.
Schindler's Slider 1
‘Guide Krakow’ organize a wide range of themed tours too (for example ‘Paths of John Paul II’ or even trips dedicated to such unusual subjects like Krakow Street-Art or Art-nouveau stained glass windows of the city!). They have created a special itinerary for kids dedicated to Krakow legends and traditions (we had a dragon here once…) and they are also specialised in Nowa Huta sightseeing tours (have you ever heard about ‘the ideal socrealistic city’?). During ‘Oscar Schindler’ Krakow tours you could visit places related to the people and facts shown in Steven Spielberg’s Schindler’s List. And these are just a few of the many proposals!
You should also know that you can visit Krakow’s suburbs and surroundings with ‘Krakow-Guide’. They will gladly show you places that amaze not only by their historical value, but also by their picturesque landscape (like Tyniec Benedictine Abbey, the oldest monastery in Poland located on the cliff upon Vistula River) or Ojcow National Park. The last one is a perfect destination for those one who love expeditions in the bosom of nature (unusually shaped rocks, caves, green forests and medieval castles await you!). You can also choose the tour to the Salt Mine in Wieliczka, another object from UNESCO List. It is a truly magical place loved by tourists from all over the world. ‘Guide-Krakow’ organizes Auschwitz-Birkenau sightseeing and has all permissions needed to show you the most interesting Krakow museums including Underground of the Main Market Square and Shindler’s Factory.
You do not know what to choose? Visit http://guide-krakow.com/! You will find photos and information about all of these attractions we have mentioned and many others, as well as sample itineraries. Write or call ‘Guide-Krakow’, they will gladly answer all your questions.

Krakow tours – alternative forms of sightseeing in Krakow

Walking Krakow tours are probably the most popular, but not everyone is a fan of long walks. For those who are not there are other possibilities! You can take a Krakow tour by an electric car (so-called melex) or a crazy ride by Partybus. Choosing this last solution, You can have a party on board (this amazing vehicle has a brilliant sound system and full bar!). Lovers of active leisure probably will be delighted to visit Krakow by bike! On the other side, segway Krakow sightseeing would be perfect for tourists who like innovations. It is also an offer for romantics – Krakow horse-drawn carriages. Of course, Guide Krakow organize bus transfers for longer distances.

What else our guides can do for you?
• Guide-Krakow offers Krakow tours for individual tourists (families, packs of friends), as well as for groups.
• You can count on any help in every aspect of planning your stay in Krakow including booking accommodation, meals, parking or entrance tickets.
• On the website you will find all the details (including sample itineraries, pricing, portfolio and personal profile of each guide!).

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