The capital city of Poland; Warsaw is one of Europe’s great metropolises and a great place to visit for any sports tour. Having been in existence for several hundred years, it was once nicknamed the Paris of the north with the city rising from total devastation after the Second World War. Having been reduced to rubble during the war, the city was lovingly restored and continues to flourish. With a number of green areas such as parks, gardens and a fantastic river bank, there are also plenty of palaces, churches and historical buildings that adorn the city’s streets. As sports fans you will also be interested to know that Warsaw is home to one of the biggest football teams in the country, Legia Warsaw, and also the location of the Polish national stadium. With a number of fantastic sites to see such as the palace of culture and science and the Warsaw uprising museum, there is also a spectacular nightlife scene in Warsaw which is like nothing you will find in back home. Classy clubs, classy girls and cheap drinks mean it’s a great place for some team bonding before your sports fixture. All in all Warsaw is the location with everything.

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Warsaw flights info

There are two airports that serve Warsaw; Warsaw Chopin and Warsaw Modlin.

From the UK to Warsaw Chopin:
British Airways: London Heathrow
LOT Polish Airlines: London Heathrow
Wizz Air: Birmingham, Doncaster/Sheffield, Glasgow, Liverpool, London Luton,

From the UK to Warsaw Modlin:
Ryanair: Bristol, Dublin, East Midlands, Glasgow International, Liverpool, London Stansted, Manchester.

Basic information

  • Time: + 1 hour
  • Visa: Not required if you have valid UK passport
  • Flight time: About 2h
  • Bus time: From London about 26h
  • Money matters: currently 1 GBP equals approx. 5.80 PLN (Polish Zloty)
  • Language: Polish-this is one of the Slav languages and bears no resemblance to English that is recognisable. 4th most difficult language for a foreigner to learn
  • Climate: Cold snowy winters, uplifting springs, hot summers and golden autumns
  • Phone codes: Dial +48 for Poland, +44 for UK. Gdansk prefix is 58 or 058 if calling from Gdansk
  • Duty Free Allowances:1 litre of spirits, 2 litres of wine and 5 litres of beer. 250 cigarettes or 50 cigars or 250g of tobacco
  • Electrical problems:Use an adaptor then none; Voltage: 220V
  • Opening hours: more or less as UK but bars, clubs and restaurants are flexible and tend to stay open later
  • Public holidays:
    • New Year’s Day- January 1
    • Easter Sunday and Monday- no fixed date but in April
    • Labor Day- May 1
    • Constitution Day- May 3
    • Assumption of Virgin Mary, Polish Army Day- August 15
    • All Saints’ Day- November 1
    • National Independence Day- November 11
    • Christmas- December 25 & 26
  • Embassies:
    • United Kingdom:Warszawa, al. Róż 1, tel. (+48 22) 628 10 01
    • USA:Warszawa, al. Ujazdowskie 29/31, tel. (+48 22) 628 30 41
    • Ireland:Warszawa, ul. Humańska 10, tel. (+48 22) 849 66 55

Warsaw's recent history

Being the capital city of Poland, Warsaw is a place that needs no introduction. The city’s unique mixture of architecture provides just a small snapshot of the turbulent past of Poland’s largest city; much of which was destroyed during the second world war before being restored in the years that followed. Whilst Warsaw nowadays is a sleek modern city, unlike any other Polish destination, that’s not to say there isn’t much to see, with many museums and monuments paying homage to the city’s past. In terms of nightlife there are bars and clubs spread throughout this sprawling city, making for a decent night out, as well as a good party scene down by the river bank. Being a capital city there are also many sports teams, with current Polish champions Legia Warsaw playing there, as well as the city being home to the national stadium. Warsaw is a great city to come and play any sport, with plenty of activities to fill the time inbetween games.

What's the weather like in Warsaw?

Many people believe Warsaw will be cold all year round, however contrary to popular belief the summers are very hot with temperatures reaching up to 35c in July and August. The weather tends to begin getting colder in November, with the low temperatures lasting until March. In recent years the winters have been somewhat warmer, however temperatures can still fall as low as -20c, with heavy snowfall not uncommon.

Prices and local currency

The currency used in Warsaw is the Polish Zloty, NOT the Euro as some travellers believe. The exchange rate at the moment is about 5.75 zloty to the pound, which coupled with the cheap prices here means trips to Warsaw can be done on a very low budget. You can eat a meal in a restaurant for a low as 10-15 GBP per person, with a beer costing about 2 GBP. Polish notes come in 10, 20, 50, 100 and 200 denominations, although it’s always worth making sure you have change as many places often don’t have enough coins.

Taxis in Warsaw

With Warsaw being a bigger city than our other destinations sometimes it can be essential to book a taxi. For any activities booked with us we will supply transfers, however in your free time it may be necessary to use a taxi. The best thing to do is to book a taxi rather than jumping in one waiting on the street as waiting taxis may not be from a reputable company. The best thing to do is ask for advice at your hotel, or ask your guide to arrange a taxi for you. At Sports Tours Poland we do have a pool of tame drivers which we can supply in special cases. If one or two arrive on separate planes in your group, we will do our best to arrange taxis for them at their own cost. We do this purely as a service and are not making any profit on this. Please ask our guides to arrange taxis for you and then you will be guaranteed a civilised rate. Please do not contact Sports Tours Poland office lines for taxi use while you are here, except under cases of genuine emergency.

Public transport in Warsaw

Public transport in Warsaw is cheap and reliable. A large network of buses and trams and a metro system cover the entire city making it very easy to get from one point to another if it’s too far to go on foot. Tickets are charged per minute costing 3,40 PLN for a 20 minute journey, or 4,40 PLN for a single journey ticket. Tickets can be bought from machines at bus and tram stops, or also from kiosks as well as on board some buses and trams. Once you’ve bought your ticket you must validate it in one of the on board ticket validators which will stamp it with the date and time. Failure to do this could result in a hefty fine if there is a ticket inspector on board. Tickets for the Metro must be bought from machines at the metro stations, with the machines having an English option on the.The buses and trams are identified by number, with each bus or tram stop listing the number of each line and the stops it will go to.

Drink in Warsaw

Drinking is deeply embedded in the Polish way of life, with alcohol available pretty much anywhere. Bars are open a lot longer here than in the UK, with many bars staying open until the last customer leaves. The most popular drinks in Poland are beer, and of course vodka. Polish beers are very strong, but they also taste great with even the most common brands such as Tyskie or Kasztelan being of the highest quality. The strength of each one is usually a minimum of 5%, although there are a few weaker ‘session’ beers available. Dark beers or porters are also very popular here, and whilst they taste great they are often quite heavy and usually stronger than the lagers. You can also get some imported beers such as Heineken, however these are more expensive and roughly the same price you’d pay in the UK. For a Polish beer (500ml) you’re looking at between 6-10zl. Polish vodka is also known to be some of the best in Europe, with a number of different flavours available in each bar. It is also very cheap, with a large shot of vodka usually costing around 5 zl (less than one pound). Good quality wine is also readily available, with the prices often a lot cheaper than in the UK. Common sense rules do apply though, so never order a bottle of wine without checking the price first as you may end up with a nasty shock once the bill arrives.

Food in Warsaw

The Poles have a phrase which describes their duties to their lucky guests: “A guest in my house is like God in my house”. This means that it’s very hard to go hungry in Poland! Restaurants in Warsaw are known for having good quality food and also very generous portions. Polish food is very good and also very cheap, with a restaurant meal costing you between 10 and 15 pounds on average. Being a capital city there is perhaps a more multi-cultural feel about dinign, with a number of restaurants from different countries scattered all over this vast. Of course not unlike any major European city there are also the typical array of chain restaurants and fast-food joints.

Top 5 sights to visit when in Warsaw

1. Visit the old town

Despite being largely destroyed during the Second World War, Warsaw’s old town has been lovingly restored and is now one of the most picturesque places in the city. The rebuilding was actually done in such a precise way that it’s impossible to tell which buildings are re-builds and which are originals. The main sights to see in the old town include the Barbican which is situated where the old town
meets the new town, the castle square which is directly in front of the Royal Castle (a building which is well worth a visit), and also many of the old churches which are scattered around the old town. The best way to see the old town is to take a walking tour to make sure you don’t miss anything.

2. Go to the Warsaw uprising museum

This museum is dedicated to the infamous Warsaw uprising of 1944, and is one of the most popular tourist attractions in the city. The museum is extremely vast and detailed meaning your need the best part of an afternoon to see everything. The exhibitions inside include various artefacts from the Polish underground state such as weapons used by insurgents through to things such as love letters which were sent during the time of the uprising. There are also a number of videos to watch, including a very popular 3D video of the ruins of Warsaw taken from the air, as well as stacks of information to read through. If you don’t know much about the Warsaw uprising before visiting this wonderful museum, you certainly will afterwards.


3. Visit the riverbank

Warsaw residents are very proud of their river bank, and once you have visited this I’m sure you will agree. In the colder months it’s a nice place to take a stroll, but during the summer months is when the river bank really comes alive. During the day there are artificial beaches where you can kick back and relax whilst catching some rays, and then at night there are a number of open air bars and restaurants which are particularly lively at weekends. Warsaw has a young a vibrant population, and this will become increasingly apparent if you wander through this area at night as the many young men and women come out to enjoy themselves by the side of the river.


4. Go to a Legia Warsaw match

Arguably the most famous team in Poland, Warsaw is the home of Legia Warsaw, the Polish cup winners from 2015. Currently managed by former Manchester United defender Henning Berg, the team have been at the top end of the Polish league for the last few years. They play their home games at the impressive Polish Army Stadium which is one of the biggest stadiums in Poland. The atmosphere at Legia games is also electric, with the Ultras creating amazing sound and colour for every game. For help arranging tickets for a Legia game please contact us.


5. Visit Lazienki Park

The main park in Warsaw is something of a gem. This large green area is often described as the lungs of Warsaw and contains everything you would expect and more from a city park. At the centre of the park is a large lake complete with its own palace on the water which really shouldn’t be missed. Other attractions in the park include an amphi-theatre, stately residences, and even a place where you can watch free Chopin concerts during the summer. If you’re in Warsaw during the warmer months then you really should make Lazienki Park part of your itinerary. It’s extremely large and easily reached on foot from the centre of the city.

Why Warsaw?

  • Being a capital city it is heavily populated which means there are more teams available for fixtures. We can cater for any sport in Warsaw, as well as arranging tickets for Legia Warsaw games. The city is also home to the impressive Polish National Stadium which is well worth a visit.

  • There’s plenty to see and do! Warsaw is a city full of activities and things to see, such as famous buildings and streets, to museums and objects of historical interest. There are also extra activities that we can arrange such as go-karting, bubble football and paintball!

  • You can have a great night out in Warsaw. Whilst the city may be a bit more spread out in comparison with our other destinations, it’s still possible to have an epic night out in this city with a wide variety of bars and clubs providing you with the venues to let your hair down.

  • It has a great river bank. Residents of Warsaw often boast about how good their river bank is, and once you’ve experienced this for yourself you have to agree with them. In the warmer weather by day there are some artificial beaches which are a great place to relax. By night it really comes alive, with a number of outdoor bars and restaurants creating a superb atmosphere which is not to be missed whilst in the capital city. It’s easy to get to! Like all our destinations the airport is nearby, or airports in the case of Warsaw as there are two; both connected to the UK by various low budget airlines.