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Other popular activities

Daytime activities


kalashnikov shooting krakowThere are guns for boys and there are guns for big boys!! If you think
you’re the second type and can handle the legendary Russian Kalashnikov then let us take you for the real shooting challenge!


White water rafting KrakowFor those of you looking to get the adrenaline flowing WWR is a great addition to any sport tour.


rsz_bubble_footie_krakow_4A lot of people love a good game of football, however here at Sport Tours Poland we offer the chance to have a kick about with a difference. How about playing football with your entire upper body encased in an inflated zorb?


Brewery Feast

Brewery Feast KrakowWe have prepared a delicious menu which includes a huge dinner with traditionally Polish hamhock aka “Golonka” to satisfy even the biggest hunger and overcome even the worst hangover plus a huge beer “giraffe” to quench your thirst.


Polish FeastLeave fish and chips back home and steak with fries to Americans – here comes The Polish Feast ! When in Poland it’s always worth trying some fine delicacies of local cuisine. Food in Poland is so deeply embedded in its traditions that no Polish person, for fear of losing face, will let you go hungry.


Steak Feast KrakowIf you’re a carnivorous type, then you will certainly like our newest addition to the list of “feast” options – the Steak Feast ! Smack in the middle of the old town, there is an American style venue, which serves delicious steaks in large portions, so you’re not likely to leave the place hungry – quite on the contrary.

Nightlife activities


Guided Pub Crawl KrakowBook a pub crawl with us and you’ll be guided through the best
party venues by our lovely and friendly English speaking female Reps. No wandering, no wasting time – it’s your night out!!


VIP Night Clubs KrakowFinding a good and large male group friendly club abroad at the weekend is not an easy thing to organise… The more if you don’t like standing in endless queues in front of clubs and big bald bouncers getting a nervous look when they see you just because your group is large. Avoid this stress and risk of failure and book the VIP Nightclub Entry with us


Beer Tasting KrakowWhen visiting another country it’s always worth checking out the local brews, and Poland is no exception which is why we’ve created a beer tasting activity for you to be able to try out some delicious locally brewed beer.


Auschwitz museum

Auschwitz BirkenauAuschwitz Birkenau is the most infamous concentration and extermination camp in the world. It was settled by the Nazi Germans who occupied Poland during the WW II and is the place where over 1 mln people suffered and died… The experience is creepy and has nothing to do with fun & stag parties however this is a “must see” when in Poland.

Wieliczka salt mine

Wieliczka Salt Mine“The historic Salt Mine in Wieliczka is the only mining site in the world functioning continuously since the Middle Ages. Lying on nine levels, its original excavations (longitudinals, traverses, chambers, lakes, as well as minor and major shafts) stretch for the total of about 300 kilometres: reaching the depth of 327 metres they illustrate all the stages of mining technology development over time”.

Communism tour

Communism TourSee and experience how Poland
changed and evolved within 25 years of regaining freedom. The communism sightseeing tour gives maximum experience in Krakow, Gdansk, and Warsaw



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