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Whilst cricket may not be as mainstream as other sports in Poland such as football, volleyball, handball and even rugby, there is a small but dedicated group of teams hoping to change this over the next few years. In fact, if you go back just a few years then there was no cricket at all in Poland, with the first ever cricket tournament not taking place until 2011, however with a number of ex-pats introducing the game to Poles there are now regular matches and competitions throughout the country, with a few official cricket teams and many more informal gatherings happening. The three main teams in Poland are Krakow Cricket Club, Warsaw Cricket Club and Warsaw Hussars, all three of whom took part in a round robin tournament this summer in the first ever Krakow Cricket Cup. It was the home side Krakow who eventually ran out winners in their own tournament defeating both of the Warsaw clubs in 20 overs matches. The three sides are made up mainly of ex-pats, although the Polish contingent is growing with the captains keen to give chances to as many home grown players as possible. The strongest level of cricket in Poland is nowadays in Krakow, with Warsaw coming next.


Cricket can be played in Poland in the following destinations:

  • Krakow (cricket fixture)
  • Warsaw (cricket fixture)

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