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Known to be one of the most picturesque cities in Europe, it’s no surprise that almost 10 million tourists visit each year. A city which is brimming with history round every turn; Krakow was fortunate enough to survive the Second World War largely untouched which has resulting in the stunning buildings and monuments that are still standing today. The main attraction in Krakow is the Market Square which is the largest in Europe and the epicentre of everything that happens in the city. Of course there is much more to see if you wander away from the centre such as the spectacular Wawel Castle of the famous Jewish District where the Schindler’s list was filmed. With a number of monuments, museums and spacious parks it’s no wonder the city is so popular amongst visitors. And it is of course close to the Unesco listed Wieliczka salt mine, and the infamous Auschwitz concentration camp which may not fit in with the usual sports tour activities, but it’s still something many people think they should see whilst based so close to it. With Krakow also being a student city it also makes for an awesome night out. Cheap prices, beautiful women and more bars per square metre than any other city in Europe, not to mention a wide variety of clubs with music to suit any tastes mean this is the ultimate place to have your sports tour. In terms of sports Krakow is a very interesting destination for university and adult teams- especially bearing in mind extremely vibrant nightlife and cheap prices- though can be also a great destination for a successful school trip, which wants to combine training with educational programs.

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