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Here at Sports Tours Poland we can cater for any sport that is played in Poland. Please check out the details on our most popular sports below.

Sports in Poland

Whatever your sport is in Poland then we can cater for it. Whether you’re interested in a school sports tour, university sports tour, sports training camp, or simply just coming to Poland to play a fixture against a local side, we can accommodate you regardless of the age and ability of your team. With eight years’ experience we can tailor make a tour for you, so whether it be cricket in Krakow or volleyball in Wroclaw, we’ll take care of every aspect of the tour. Whilst we can arrange fixtures for any sport that is played in Poland, below is a run-down of our most popular sports.



Going on tour with your rugby team is often the highlight of the year for many players. As well as the fixtures there is always a strong social element to any rugby tour, something we do our very best to accommodate at Sports Tours Poland. Whilst Poland is still a relative newcomer on the European rugby scene, there are still a good number of clubs which you can play against, as well as our excellent training camp venue in the Tatra Mountains. As the level of rugby in Poland is a lot lower than in the UK you will more than likely be playing against a team from the Ekstraliga (top rugby league in Poland) who play their rugby at a good amateur standard.



With football being the most popular sport in the UK it’s no wonder that so many teams look to go on a football tour each year. We get a large number of requests from teams in the UK and all over Europe each year looking to come to Poland for a tour. Some teams take it more seriously and combine training with a fixture against a local semi-pro team, whilst others see it as more of a social occasion and combine additional activities as well as a fixture or two against local sides. Whatever the purpose of your trip we can arrange teams for all levels from amateur right up to pro, as well as all ages from schoolchildren through to veterans. As well as participating we can also arrange tickets to Ekstraklasa teams such as Legia Warsaw or Wisla Krakow.



Volleyball is one of the most popular sports in Poland, with both the men’s and women’s national teams rated as amongst the best in the world. It is perhaps no surprise then that many Polish people take part in volleyball whether it be amateur, semi-professional or professional, with each city having various teams. The sport is also popular amongst young people, with children often taking up the sport at a young age. If you’re a volleyball team looking to tour then we can arrange fixtures for all levels and ages.



Whilst this sport is still growing in popularity in the UK, it is very much one of the most popular sports in Poland. The professional leagues in Poland are very strong, as are the amateur leagues; however we can find some teams of a lower level for any amateur UK teams coming to Poland for a sports tour. Teams are available for fixtures in all of our destinations.


American Football

American football is a sport which is growing rapidly in Poland, with more and more teams being formed all over the country. The existing teams are also improving year on year and can now compete with many other European nations on an amateur level. All aspects of an American football tour can be taken care of, with teams in Gdansk, Krakow, Warsaw, and Wroclaw available for fixtures.



Basketball is one of the most popular sports in Poland with many people following the NBA regularly. That’s not to say the Polish league is weak though, with many people taking up the sport from a young age meaning there is certainly no shortage of teams to match any level. We can arrange basketball fixtures for teams from purely social level right through to professional. Because of the popularity of the sport amongst young people we can also arrange fixtures for school teams as well.



Whereas ice hockey is one of the most popular sports in Poland, grass hockey is still a growing sport. The sport has only been recognised for the past 20 years, but has started to grow recently. Teams of a social level are available for fixtures.



Despite the sport not being very well known in Poland, there is still a small yet dedicated group of players trying their best to promote this sport. Teams are available in Krakow or Warsaw for fixtures and they play at a social level.